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If you try to do 100 push-ups on the first day you will strain muscles in your arms. You achieve 100 push-ups by building up to it progressively over a few days or weeks. The same is true of the muscles under the feet. If you try to wear your new orthotics all day from the first day, you will strain and bruise the muscles in your feet. It is important to allow your muscles to develop progressively up to the point of being able to carry your weight all day without causing pain or doing damage. For some, this is only a week or two. For some, it can take up to three months. Most people will take about three weeks. Your fitter will have given you advice on this when you first tried them. If you bought them from a Step Forward distributor at a show, your foot print should have one word (slow, medium or fast) circled. This is the path suggested for you to follow and matches the three paths detailed on the break-in instruction sheet. However, be aware this is a guide. If the chart says to wear them for 60 minutes, but you feel the 'golf ball' straining at 45 minutes, then take them out at 45 minutes. Be prepared to go slower and take longer to adjust to the orthotics. On the other hand, if they feel really comfortable at one hour, then go a little longer, but not a LOT longer!

Do not 'persist' through problems. If something does not seem right, or you are having unexpected problems, then let us know. We can't help you if you don't tell us. Don't expect problems (in fact, each year only 4% of customers feel the need to call us) but if you are in that minority then don't hesitate to call. We are able to help nearly everyone that phones.

If you can't find your Instructions, you can download a copy here.

Your orthotics come with an Australia-wide manufacturer's warranty. Step Forward Orthotics are guaranteed against defects in materials and workmanship. If they break, crack or split with normal use, within 10 years of purchase, contact our office to arrange a free replacement. If they flatten, contact our office for instructions on how to restore the arch. The warranty does NOT cover damage by heat (above 50°C) or abrasion (wearing out). You will be required to produce your purchase receipt (original or copy) to take advantage of this extended warranty. Please note that we can tell if they have been damaged abnormally (cut, chewed by a dog, microwaved, etc)! While many people get many years of satisfactory wear (sometimes over 25 years) others may find their orthotics wear away within just a few years. This would be more common when worn in rubber boots, by farmers, or others who may have dirt and sand in their boots. Should you accidentally lose or damage just one orthotic, we can replace half a pair, for half the price of a new pair. We must see a clear photograph of the underside of the remaining orthotic, and a copy of your purchase receipt, to do this.

To look after your orthotics, and to get maximum life and benefit from them, we recommend you read again the detailed Instruction Sheet that came with your orthotics. Please pay particular attention to the section on flexing them to restore the 'memory'.

Your product warranty accompanies each pair. You can download a copy here.

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